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Access Control or Card Access systems have become an important tool for the business or corporation that requires High Security or effective traffic control. While the electronics and composition of these systems can be somewhat complex there purpose and use is very straight forward. An Access Control System has the ability to electronically secure your premise, combined with the knowledge of who is entering and at what time. Fire & Security Centre specializes in the design and custom installation of Access Control Systems for your business. Systems that are designed to fit not only your security requirements it can also be joined to a Security System and/or Camera System to fit your needs.



Card Access systems effectively eliminate the need for keys and the service of re-keying. No more lost keys! Each Access system comes with unique electronic encoded cards that has to be programmed into the Control system before it can be used. If the card is compromised that “code” can immediately be removed, effectively rendering the card inoperative thereby quickly re-establishing the integrity of the Security System.

You can track employees or visitors easily with an access control system. Each time an electronic card is read by a proximity reader the computer logs the user and the exact time it was used and stores it in its memory which can be viewed at any time by an authorized user only. Cards can even be designated to different levels of security allowing entrance to one area, while at the same time retaining control over another area.

Card Access is easy to Use! Often cards can be read by the Proximity reader while still inside a wallet or purse, you suggest the range you would like the proximity Reader to have. Just think nothing to insert or swipe just pass it over the weather proof case and it does the rest.


Are you needing two systems in one?

With technology always changing and looking for ways to combine things together, we can now introduce a new product to the Security industry. The new MONITOR Integrated Security Manager (ISM) is the latest in technology and is in the head of its class. With the MONITOR ISM you can have both a security or camera system to an access control using only one system in stead of two or more to do all the functions you require. The MONITOR ISM will manage up to 1,900 doors, 7,680 devices and up to 64,000 users per system.



You can now have a security or camera system attached to an access control system on only one system instead of having to have two or more separate systems. You get the same coverage as having two or more systems and you only pay for what you use.

For more information regarding an affordable Fire & Security System give us a call, and we will be pleased to communicate further regarding the advantages a MONITOR ISM can provide for your business and Peace of Mind.


Just Imagine the peace of Mind!

While we certainly hope tragedy never strikes, we also realize it happens more often then anyone would like, give us a call and see for yourself how affordable we have made security.