Camera Systems

Do you know what happens when your not around?
Fire & Security Centre can help you find out!

This is a confused and changing world, if you are unsure about what is happening while you are away or suspect something is not right, a Camera system is the answer to restoring your peace of mind.
The successful installation of a Security Camera System requires experience and knowledge. There is no Substitute! Fire & Security Centre technicians have extensive experience in the design and installation of Camera systems in all types of circumstances. Whether your a Manager of a Financial Institution or a business concerned about potential burglary or internal theft. Perhaps you are a concerned parent regarding your child safety while in not in your care. Fire & Security Centre offers a professional, confidential and sincere service in an industry not known for compassion. If you think this is a service that can assist you, Fire & Security Centre is a name that can be trusted to deliver what we promise.


Camera Systems have purpose.

Traditional Security Camera Systems are a great deterrent in situations where theft or misconduct may be prevalent. Mounted on the surface, cameras can add a sense of security to your clients or employees. Time-lapse recording offers you or the police the advantage of reviewing events as they happened.

Covert Camera systems have become the “silver bullet” when trying to deal with situations where proof needs to be gathered or where abuse is suspected. Fire & Security Centre offers professional and confidential covert camera installations that in most cases quickly and effectively satisfies your concerns. Flexible scheduling to accommodate after hour installations are easily arranged.