Lock Doors

Your door and window hardware is an important part of the security of your home or business, truly your first line of defense!

Quality hardware on your doors and windows offer the first line of physical security. In fact it can often make the difference between being passed by or targeted by burglars who will be discouraged by quality hardware and move on to a place offering less resistance.


High Security Keys?

Our High Security Keys are Medeco 3 systems that offer the highest standards in the keying industry. The Medeco 3 systems are unable to be duplicated and can not be picked open. Because the Medeco 3 keys can not be duplicated it makes it very easy to have good key control, to know who has one and for what door(s). The beauty of the system for key control if you need more keys, only the person/people on the sign-out sheet can have these ordered with a picture ID and signature. We keep all of the sign-out names with us so no one can try to change the names on the list to there own and get the keys cut. We only have one to three people on the sign-out sheet so this limits on how many people can have more keys or systems made.


Overhead Doors?

We install a wide range of Overhead Doors of all sizes and types. We offer insulated doors with or without windows or you can have your door custom made. We have many types and sizes of Door operators to work best to fit your needs and your overhead door.



Here at Fire & Security Centre we have every thing from wall to floor and big commercial safes, and combos, keys and digital mechanism. All of the safes that we have here are all tested and certified by U.L. Our safes are tested to at least 2 hours of temperatures at 200o or more. We are also able to service and repair all types of safes and from time to time we have used safes available that are in great condition.